50 best Alternative Google Sites

Alternative Google Sites

What are the best alternatives to Google Sites?

What Is Google Sites?Main FeaturesGoogle Workspace Integration & Familiar Google Features. The new Google Sites is integrated with Google's other products, such as Google Drive, docs, sheets, slides, map, YouTube, Google Forms, charts, draw, ...Very Little Customizability. ...ProsConsPlans & Prices. ...

Is there a good alternative to Google?

Clicky is probably the option most similar to GA.GoSquared is a really great looking dashboard that covers a lot of the same basics as GA.Gauges is a very basic and easy to use version of GA.Amplitude is a good option for user-based product analytics and does a good job of marketing analytics too. More items...

What are some alternatives to Google?

DropboxONLYOFFICEZoho mailMicrosoft Office 365Samepage

What are some alternatives to Google Domains?

There are three ways to indicate multiple language/locale versions of a page to Google:HTMLHTTP HeadersSitemap

Alternative Google Sites

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