50 best Alternative Sites To Meetup

Alternative Sites To Meetup

How to make money with a meetup group?

Some questions you need to answer and quickly:Is this a suitable person for my product or service?Do we have anything in common?Can I work with person?Is this person just a connector. Meaning able to lead me to others.Does he/she know anyone I know? (Build credibility)

How to host an effective Meetup group?

Read the pages in each group’s site to learn about the group and its rules before joining.Honor your “Yes” RSVP or change it if you can’t attend. ...If the event is something public like a concert, make an effort to find the group. ...Give feedback to hosts and organizers so they know how to up the ante in the future.

What are the most popular type of groups on Meetup?

Meetups are like flashes in a pan. Even the biggest, most popular meetup groups trail off in popularity, planning and events. ...They’re either too big or to specific - so you join a ton. ...Meeting random people at a bar is HARD (for some of us). ...It’s never the same people. ...They aren’t always super welcoming. ...No one follows through. ...

How to join a meetup group?

Agree to meet a friend or friends at a certain point on a course at a certain time, making sure everyone chooses the same route.Use Zwift’s “Ride With” feature to join someone already riding. ...Join an organized event like a group ride, race, or group workout, and have your friend (s) join it too.Create a Meetup. ...

Alternative Sites To Meetup

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