Best 50 Adult Alternative Capillary Puncture Sites

Adult Alternative Capillary Puncture Sites

What is the typical puncture site for capillary collection?

Typical Sites for Capillary Blood Collection The typical puncture site can be the finger or heel (for infant patients). The earlobe, which was used as a puncture site in the past, has been determined not to be the most optimal site, due to inadequate blood flow when compared to the finger or the heel and should be avoided.

What is capillary puncture used for?

Introduction Dermal (capillary) puncture is used to collect blood samples from infants and small children. It may also be used as an alternative method of blood collection for adult patients with whom venipuncture procedures are too difficult.

How do I check my competency for capillary puncture?

Check Your Competency 10-2:Performing a Dermal (Capillary) Puncture Assemble the equipment, considering the patient and puncture depth. Clean the site with an alcohol pad and allow the site to dry thoroughly. Hold the finger (or heel) with the skin stretched tightly.

When should a capillary puncture not be used in children?

small children when only a small volume of blood is needed. They are also when a small volume of blood is needed. Capillary puncture should not be used on patients who are extremely dehydrated or have poor peripheral circulation. should be avoided. A warm compress or heel warmer should be used to warm

Adult Alternative Capillary Puncture Sites

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