Best 50 Alternative Facts Sites

Alternative Facts Sites

Are alternative facts facts?

Alternative facts are not facts. They're falsehoods." In her answer, Conway argued that crowd numbers in general could not be assessed with certainty and objected to what she described as Todd's trying to make her look ridiculous.

Why are fact-checking sites more important than ever?

The election of President Donald Trump did not usher America into a “factless” or “post-truth” reality. A fact is still a fact in 2017. It’s just gotten more difficult to discern who’s telling the truth and what sources you can consider reputable. That’s why fact-checking sites are more important than ever.

Do alternative facts play to Americans'fantasies?

"Column: 'Alternative facts' play to Americans' fantasies". Chicago Tribune. Retrieved January 25, 2017. ^ Micek, John L. (January 22, 2017). "Memo to Kellyanne Conway, there is no such thing as 'alternative facts': John L. Micek". Penn Live. Retrieved January 25, 2017. ^ Werner, Erica. "GOP Congress grapples with Trump's 'alternative facts ' ".

Are You inoculated to alternative facts?

Humans are tribal creatures that place illogical trust in authorities, source news to fit our views, and hold irrational ideas if they are part our identity. Social media and a fiercely divided press have ushered in an age of anti-intellectualism. Fortunately, research has shown that anyone can be inoculated to alternative facts.

Alternative Facts Sites

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