Best 50 Alternative Insulin Pump Infusion Sites

Alternative Insulin Pump Infusion Sites

Can I use an infusion set with my insulin pump?

Insertion devices are popular but some people may still prefer to insert their set manually. Some insulin pumps need particular infusion sets to be used with the pump whereas other pumps are designed to work with a wider range of infusion sets. Check your pump manual to see which infusion sets can be used with your pump.

What are the different types of insulin infusion sites?

There are several possible infusion sites, such as the belly, buttock, or thigh. The pump is about the size of a cell phone and works by releasing a steady flow of insulin throughout the day and night, plus an extra dose at mealtime.

Where is the best place to place an insulin pump?

The infusion set can be placed on the body anywhere insulin can be injected such as the abdomen, lower back, leg, arm or buttocks. The other type of insulin pump is a tubeless pump. In a tubeless system, a Pod that is filled with insulin, is worn directly on the body where insulin can be injected, similar to the tubed pump.

What is the best alternative to insulin injections?

The future of insulin: 6 alternatives to insulin injections 1 Bionic pancreas. 2 Artificial pancreas. 3 Afrezza. 4 Insulin pumps. 5 Exubera. 6 Nasal insulin.

Alternative Insulin Pump Infusion Sites

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