Best 50 Alternative Sites Analysis + Collier County Development

Alternative Sites Analysis + Collier County Development

What is Alternative 4 - proposed project final preliminary plat?

Alternative 4 - Proposed Project, Final Preliminary Plat 2020 5. Project Purpose The proposed project and is 122.41 acres in size would include 12 commercial lots, 135 single family lots, 9 cottage lots, 43 townhome lots, and 52 multi-family lots (256 units) (Appendix A).

What is the level of detail in an Alternatives Analysis?

BUILDING STRONG Summary The level of detail in an alternatives analysis should be commensurate with the scale of the adverse environmental effects of the project. Larger projects with greater impacts Smaller impacts to important resources BUILDING STRONG Summary A permit cannot be issued if a practicable alternative exists

When is an alternative parcel a practicable alternative?

If it is otherwise a practicable alternative, an area not presently owned by the applicant which could reasonably be obtained, utilized, expanded or managed in order to fulfill the basic purpose of the proposed activity may be considered. 40 C.F.R. § 230.10(a)(2) In other words, if the applicant doesn't own an alternative parcel,

What alternatives should the applicant consider when conducting the alternatives analysis?

The applicant should consider and anticipate alternatives available during the timeframe that USACE conducts its alternatives analysis. An evaluation of availability for purchase and projected cost can be included here. BUILDING STRONG Practicability An alternatives comparison matrix is an effective way

Alternative Sites Analysis + Collier County Development

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