Best 50 Alternative Sites Analysis + Phosphate

Alternative Sites Analysis + Phosphate

Is there an alternative to phosphate in the meat industry?

There is also an awareness of potential legislation for phosphate replacement in the meat sector, he said. “The three companies came together with a view to launching a brine system that delivers functional properties and an all-natural alternative to phosphate containing poultry brines,” ​ Marigot’s commercial manager continued.

Are alternative polyadenylation sites (APA sites) useful for the study of mammals?

Therefore, the analysis of alternative (or all) polyadenylation sites (APA sites) would be of great importance for the study of mammalian genes. The analysis of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) has provided genome-wide annotations of 3 ′ UTRs.

How can we improve the efficiency of phosphate ion exchange media?

More recent attempts have improved efficiency through pre-treatment of ion exchange media, for example with ferric oxide or aluminum hydroxide, to increase selectivity for phosphate ions and has resulted in P-removal rates of 80–90% ( Martin et al., 2009; Seo et al., 2013 ).

What is the best method to test for phosphorus in soil?

The NaHCO 3 extractant (Olsen et al., 1954) can remove Ca-phosphates and phosphate adsorbed on surfaces of calcium and magnesium carbonates along with Al-phosphates and is considered the most suitable P test for these soils. A water extract removes dissolved forms of P but very little of the adsorbed and mineral forms.

Alternative Sites Analysis + Phosphate

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