Best 50 Alternative Sites To Tumblr I

Alternative Sites To Tumblr I

How is Tumblr different from other blogging sites?

Tumblr was created as a free blog platform in 2007 by David Karp. Sometimes Tumblr is referred to as micro-blogging, which is what Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are. But, Tumblr is more middle of the road between Twitter and WordPress. It’s multi-media and a little different than most other forms of blogging sites out there.

What are some alternative blogs to Tumblr?

Tumblr Alternatives. ...Your PC. ...Twitter. ...Reddit. ...Timbr. ...Pillowfort. ...Cumblr. ...TumblrX. ...Mojo Fire. ...The Internet Wayback Machine (WebArchive) A weird but aptly named site that will hold archived backups of Tumblr blogs, that would allow you to scroll through the offerings at your ... More items...

Is Tumblr like Instagram?

We cringed at our Tumblr days for years. Chokers fell out of style, American Apparel lost its grasp on popular fashion, and we ditched record players for Spotify. However, as we kick off 2022, TikTok and Instagram has become nostalgic for their 2014 Tumblr blog counterparts.

Is Tumblr still popular?

“My dashboard”—the main Tumblr feed—“was still weirdly active. People I followed a long time ago were still posting stuff, which I thought was very strange,” she told me. “I fell ...

Alternative Sites To Tumblr I

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