Best 50 Alternative To Get Around Blocked Sites

Alternative To Get Around Blocked Sites

How to access blocked websites on any device?

Here I quickly explain the most effective means to access blocked websites on any device you want, regardless of the website restriction type in place. Option 1. Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to unblock websites Using a VPN is one of the easiest and safest means of unblocking websites in schools, work areas, homes, or abroad.

How to get around blocked websites with free proxy server? is another free proxy server website you can use to get around blocked websites. If this site is blocked on your computer, there are other free proxy websites you can use.

What are some examples of countries that block websites?

China, with their Great Firewall, is probably the most notorious example, blocking lots of sites like Facebook and Twitter. When countries are this focused on censoring the open web, their citizens often look for ways to unblock censored websites. Is it legal to unblock websites?

How to get around a content block on a website?

Another way you can work around a content block is to use a Proxy extension. It works in the same way that a usual proxy does, by acting as a firewall and a web filter. However, having it as an extension is handy and convenient.

Alternative To Get Around Blocked Sites

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