Best 50 Alternative Travel Sites

Alternative Travel Sites

What are the best websites for travelers?

William Shatner put Priceline on the map, adding a memorable face to one of the best websites in travel. Priceline has always been a top competitor, gathering deals from all over the web. Their best feature is accuracy, even when the website grabs last-minute deals. 1. Expedia Expedia is one of the most well-known travel websites for a reason.

What are the best alternative hotel booking sites?

Knowing some alternative hotel booking sites can save you on lodging, which is one of the biggest expenses in travel. – This is a meta-search site (that means it searches a lot of the other sites all at once and lets you compare them).

Are there any other travel sites like Expedia?

There are many travel sites like Expedia that allow you to compare flights, hotels, cruises, car rental and anything else you might need for that perfect holiday. It pays to do the research when it comes to travel deals. These alternative sites are all similar to Expedia – easy to use and searches hundreds of providers for the lowest prices.

What is alternative traveling?

Alternative traveling is an emerging trend that develops as a sort of anti-tourism or "different" tourism - call it as you like. The driver behind this concept is to find an alternative to the mass tourism and to show the ways (or to create new ways) for meaningful traveling.

Alternative Travel Sites

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