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What are the best bookzz alternatives?

It is one of the best alternative websites of out there, the website gives you easy access to download textbooks and free ebooks. The feature that makes it different from the rest is that Book Boon stores books from different languages, even from the ones you have hardly heard of.

What is bookzz and how to download free ebooks? was a free ebook download site to download your desired ebook for free. It was famous because it had a database of millions of free ebooks. But it had shut down due to piracy issues.

Is bookzz still working?

BookZZ Update: This site is no longer working. A site with over 2.7 million books and 52 million scientificarticles, BookZZ, definitely deserves the first spot. This site, which claims to be the world’s largest library has almost all the books that you can think of.

What are the best sites that offer free books?

Library Genesis is also known as Libgen, and it is of the sites like Bookzz that offer free books online. It is said to be having more than 2 Million books in its database which is huge. You can get all types of books from various categories in plenty. This is the best site to satisfy your hunger for book reading. Alternative Sites 2017

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