Best 50 Crediable Alternative Health Sites

Crediable Alternative Health Sites

Are the medical websites on the list credible?

Although many websites on the list cover different medical topics, overall, they fall into the same genre of health. All of the websites mentioned above are highly credible, but we have placed them in the order of User-Friendly information [not by the number of visits].

How will alternate care sites be staffed?

Alternate care sites will be staffed using a number of resources, including the newly established California Health Corps. The Health Corps is made up of health care providers, behavioral health professionals, and health care administrators who sign up to work at alternate care sites.

What are some good websites for health information?

Mayo Clinic - Alphabetical health topics, information about treatment decisions, drugs and supplements, assessments, calculators for BMI, calories and target heart rate. Medical Library Association - Recommends health websites, some by topic, and offers guidelines for evaluating websites.

Are the websites I use for health advice reliable?

They are sponsored by reputable organizations and are for the most part non-commercial. As you explore health topics via the internet, please keep in mind that many websites are not reliable, and that no website is a substitute for the advice of licensed medical professionals.

Crediable Alternative Health Sites

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