Best 50 Insulin Injection Alternative Sites Diagram

Insulin Injection Alternative Sites Diagram

Where to inject insulin for diabetes?

For insulin injection sites, a good insulin injection site is in the thighs. It's better to inject insulin in the thighs because insulin is a protein and the muscles of your thighs weigh more than other areas so it absorbs insulin even better. 4. Lower back, hips, or buttocks

What does rotate insulin injection sites mean?

Rotate Insulin Injection Sites. Because you will be injecting insulin on a regular basis for diabetes, you need to know where to inject it and how to rotate (move) your injection sites. By rotating your injection sites, you will make your injections easier, safer, and more comfortable.

Why do I have to inject insulin on the same site?

This is important because, after each time of injecting, a few scars may be left in the particular area. By the time you inject on the same site again, the area will have healed completely allowing a better and smoother insulin absorption. Keep the following in mind while you are injecting insulin:

What are the different types of insulin infusion sites?

There are several possible infusion sites, such as the belly, buttock, or thigh. The pump is about the size of a cell phone and works by releasing a steady flow of insulin throughout the day and night, plus an extra dose at mealtime.

Insulin Injection Alternative Sites Diagram

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