Cantina Royale – Frantic Shoot-Em Up Fun on the Elrond Blockchain

Do you stay up at night wanting an epic free to play shoot-em-up to win, sitting on a super fast and low power network? One where you can choose to go fervently into the PvP arena in solo or team deathmatch, or fight in PvE through a dungeon infested with robots and bandits? Well all his prayers have been answered, like royal canteen has this en masse when it comes to Elrond Blockchain.

So get ready for a wild and highly portable ride through the next generation of NFT based gamesfrom a new platform that promises to push the boundaries of the GameFi industry and play to win.

royal canteen

Cantina Royale is presented as a 3D third-person shooter that uses IP from a number of top-tier NFT collections, allowing its players to take on the evil hordes under the guise of their favorite collectible. So far, Bored Ape Yacht Club has been integrated with the platform, with many more to follow.

Players can choose to purchase an in-game NFT to unlock a wide range of features and earn premium coins. Alternatively, they can play for free without any paywall and test their mettle against other free to play members. Either way, both groups can claim their spot on their respective Cantina Royale leaderboards.

Accessibility Bags

Using their excellent set of technological know-how, the Cantina Royale team will launch on a trinity of operating systems, live on Android, Apple and desktop devices from scratch, while also implementing an innovative payments system that integrates with seamlessly with Google and Apple apps. stories.

In one word, royal canteen will make use of Verko’s payment and wallet management system, which in turn will allow players to acquire NFTs through in-app purchases while also allowing the server to distribute rewards directly to Verko’s wallet.

A large round of financing

To add to its declaration of intent, Cantina Royale recently proposed an incredible $4.5 million in its latest seed round, with most of the funding coming from Elrond and Mechanism Capital. It also received additional support from Animoca Brands,, and more. In the future, the team will now use this impressive war chest to create a range of additional features and develop the ecosystem by providing a host of new, fun-inducing challenges.

Cantina Royale Frantic Shoot-em Elrond Blockchain

So, in the words of Cantina Royale: “No rules. Mercilessly. No hierarchy.” Go for the tiger!

Check out Cantina Royale >> Here

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