Charles Stanton, CMO Bondly Finance on rebranding to Forj Network

Bondly Finance and Animoca Brands have recently announced the rebranding of Bondly Finance to Forj. The brand has previously led the way in the NFT space through several innovative partnerships and today we’re speaking directly with Charles Stanton, Forj’s Chief Marketing Office to learn more about the launch, what changes we can expect, and how Forj is moving forward. is ultimately focusing. about simplifying Web3 and building strong partnerships between fans and creators. Interestingly, the launch is the result of an extensive rebranding undertaken over the course of the last six months led by major branded design exports whose clients include Disney and Coca-Cola.

Q: Can you explain what Bondly Finance does?

AN: Bondly Finance is a full-service provider of Web3 and NFT solutions, majority owned by Animoca Brands, working with major brands and creators on a variety of projects and campaigns that leverage our technology to meet their requirements.

Q: What is the rationale behind the rebranding exercise?

AN: Together with Animoca Brands, we are committed to bringing the next wave of consumers to Web3, and we knew that Bondly Finance was not the right brand for that long-term. It is too DeFi focused and the “finance” angle does not have broader appeal to most creators and fans. For example, if you are a major record label or major entertainment brand, you are considering how your audience will respond to a partnership with us and it is clear that they will relate much better to a dynamic, energetic and adaptable brand like Forj than Bondly Finance. .

Q: Will there be any difference between the objectives of Forj and those of Bondly Finance?

Absolutely, our focus is on fan and creator partnerships – the very epitome of ‘forging’ is the creation of something, be it a relationship or an experience. Through our growing number of brands (like Metaprints and PolkaPet World) and partnerships with great platforms like Spring and Bandsintown, we’ll bring fans closer than ever to the creators they love. Creators like Lewis Capaldi and many more are yet to be announced!

Ultimately, the goal is to be the leading gateway for broader audiences to experience Web3, either through the metaverse or through ownership of an NFT that unlocks meaningful experiences.

Q: How does Forj intend to help web3 adoption?

AN: We want to simplify Web3 and work with brands to unlock the potential to create amazing brand experiences in real life and in the metaverse. Adoption comes from simplification and a focus on what matters: experience. The fact that the experience is powered by blockchain shouldn’t matter, it’s how it can enable new and meaningful interactions between fans and creators, like DAO governance, metaverse events, and exclusive access passes to meet the creators.

Q: What are the immediate plans for Forj?

AN: We have a lot of big announcements coming up, many centered around our relationship with Animoca Brands and our position in their group, which is very exciting.

Q: What will happen to $BONDLY and how will holders benefit from this transition?

AN: The token, for now, remains unchanged and token holders should benefit from the impact of the series of announcements to come that will add utility to the token.

Q: Are there new products and partnerships planned under the Forj banner? Would you like to give our readers a sneak peek?

AN: We are working with Phantom Galaxies as their exclusive sales partner, which will be our first big exclusive announcement! We will also be launching a new product in the next few weeks that I am very excited about. We also have some big new partnerships to announce, it’s going to be a busy month…

Q: Anything else you want to convey to our readers?

AN: Except this is just the beginning, Forj is a brand to meet the demands of the next wave of Web3 consumers and we’d love for you to be a part of it. Visit our new website for more

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