Gas-less minting on Polygon network for all stores provided by NFTICALLY

Gasless mining on the Polygon network for all stores provided by NFTICALLY

Aware of the big announcement?

NFTICALLY has introduced absolute gasless minting on the Polygon network. Yes, you heard right. It’s time to say goodbye to gas surcharges and hello to gas-free days. You no longer have to bear the added burden of minting fees in your wallets.

The endless pain of gas fees

The cost of gas has always been a deterrent for people minting NFTs. This amazing sponsorship from NFTICALLY will inspire and encourage all NFT fans and enthusiasts. Creators, artists, entrepreneurs, gamers – basically anyone who wants to get their NFTs out on the market can now create and mint their NFTs without worrying about gas fees.

Polygon Gasless Minting Stand

Minting costs will be eliminated, encouraging creators to create and list their artwork and projects to sell as NFTs. NFTICALLY users can now take full advantage of zero gas fees. You no longer need to worry about how many NFTs and collections you want to add to your Store; as there will be no “operational” costs associated with your minted NFTs (Polygon Network only).

The benefits of gasless minting

Feel free to list your NFTs for sale. You can now mint as many NFTs as you like on the Polygon Network. Sell ​​your NFTs using the ‘Fix Price’ or ‘Auction’ option as you don’t have to worry about the minting fee, it’s gas free. You no longer need to pay any fees for Airdrops or Gated Links. You can also continue to mint your NFTs without having any MATICs in your wallet, because minting is now gas-free.

NFTICALLY: India’s First B2B SaaS for White Label NFT Stores

NFTICALLY is well known for the features it offers to its users. The platform supports support and cross-chain transactions. And now with gasless minting support, thanks to the Polygon Network, enjoy unlimited NFT minting and earning opportunities.

Last call, now onboarding.

So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to the giant offer,

(1) create your NFT store with NFTICALLY, and

(2) Mint your NFTs, no gas… via the Polygon blockchain and keep minting without limits.

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