Interview with Bored Ape Army Club NFT

Joining us is Jeison Smith (Haplo), blockchain developer and founder of Bored Ape Army Club NFT.

Generative art expert and program developer in Solana blockchain, 3 years of experience developing NFT projects and native tokens in Solana Block Chain.

Chris: The Bored Apes team has to present their latest release, the Bored Ape Army Club. How is this token different from its predecessors?

Jason: It is an opportunity for all the new members of the Solana NFT community, we propose a unique art that will be an icon in the Blockchain.

Chris: Bored Ape Army Club will soon transcend the benefits of the virtual world community to the real world. What are these benefits to the community? Plus, get BAAC IRL member benefits.

Jason: We want to propose a brand that offers merchandise, the DAO-ARMY will allow the owners to decide the future, 90% of the royalties will strengthen the future of the project.

Chris: So how do investors get access to the community on the virtual platform?

Jason: You can access the community on twitter, discord and website:



invitation to discord


Chris: On a different note, BAAC tokens will be available on the secondary market soon after they are minted. How will the royalties be redistributed among the holders? How will they receive their dues?

Jason: The quotas will be sent via Airdrops to all holders.

Chris: It’s indicative that the BAAC token artwork would follow the characteristics of bored monkeys. What are the different traits that make each token unique? What are the rare features?

Jason: All traits are different and unique, we are inspired by an army of apes with exclusive outfits like the NFL suit, new hairstyles and unique traits like the astronaut suit.

Chris: Also, please share the pricing details for the public mintage. Do you also plan to have a presale?

Jason: We don’t have a pre-sale, it’s just a public sale and it will be on May 17th at 16:00 GMT.

Chris: So please describe the minting process for our readers.

Jason: EASY, you can access the following address and use wallets authorized for the Solana Blockchain. soldier.boredapearmy.comthe mint price is 1 SOL.

Chris: Finally, please share your plans for the future of BAAC, what’s next for BAAC NFT after the public minting?

Jason: The plans are to grow the community, achieve high adoption by stakeholders, and distribute royalties in DAO-ARMY to ensure the future of the project.

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