Interview with Notorious kings NFT

Chris: Hi! Please introduce yourself.

Pablo: I’m Paul and I’m one of the people who started this initiative.
I became interested in cryptocurrencies in 2017 and have since become an entrepreneur.

I am an art enthusiast and world traveler. Holder of MAYC #7294 and others.

Chris: Kings next collection It is developed in 3D 4k quality. What inspired you and the team to bring the lords of the jungle together in a collection of NFTs on Web 3.0?

Pablo: Developing an NFT project has been on our minds for a while. The initiative to create a launch pad for young artists gave us access to a wealth of 3D artistic talent.

However, the deepest admiration for “Los Mapogos”, the greatest lion kings that ever lived, finally inspired us to develop this collection.

With our NFT project, we hope to take things to a new level and introduce a new attitude to the NFT market.

Chris: Whitelist mint starts in just a few days! How can interested participants get on the list? What would be the price of the token in the presale?

Pablo: Indeed, time has flown by and we are just a few days away from the big events of 23 (pre-sale) and 25 (public sale)
The “Whitelist” button on our website allows NFT enthusiasts to join our whitelist.
Place on the White List can also be won through contests on our discord server.

The whitelist mint is 0.2 ETH. However, we are giving away half of the collection to whitelisted members.
This means that 3,028 of the 6,006 items in the White list can be minted at 0.2 ETH (each participant has the option to mint 1, 2 or 3 NK NFT)

Chris: More importantly, what are the Notorious Kings like? How many Kings will be released for public minting? Also, how do investors identify rare features of these tokens?

Pablo: We think they look great! We attach some elements to support our point of view.

For Public Minting, there will only be 2,500 items available (in case the whitelist is not filled for any reason, the remaining available positions will be added to the 2,500 available in public minting) and Rarity.sniper are ready to manage the rarity of the collection.

Chris: Also, what will the price of the token be on the public minting date? Is there a limit to the number of transactions an investor can make?

Pablo: The public mint is at 0.6 ETH and takes place on Saturday, June 25. The maximum number of items that can be minted at the Public Mint is 6 per purse.

Chris: Also, what else can investors do with their tokens after making the purchase? List some of the key benefits for the investor.

Pablo: I’m glad you asked. Here it is where it gets interesting. Investors should know that once the project has reached sold-out status, we will proceed to give away our massive post-sale incentives.

All NK NFT holders at any given time publicly will be entered into the raffle for

● Additional 100 free NK NFTs

● 1 holder will win a 4 day luxury safari at the Sabi Sands experience for 2 (or 80% of the value)

● In December 2022-January 2022, 1 NK NFT holder will receive a sports car

NK’s big plans are just beginning.

We are looking to release a 2D lion themed game by the end of the summer. This is being coded by a 22 year old 2300 ELO chess player!

NK NFT holders will find utility in this game. However, we are looking to develop this only to a certain level, as we have more plans for the future that we want to participate in.

Chris: Once again, what are the plans for the future of Notorious Kings? How does the team plan to expand the reach of token holders in 2022?

Pablo: We have a definite goal and we structure it in such a way that the Notorious Kings NFT income will immediately be dedicated to the development of a new collection of 20,000 items! 6006 units will be minted for free by NK NFT holders and the remaining items will be offered publicly in a public sale.

We will see a collection of mutated lions derived from the use of NK NFT and certain serum (blood).

The artistic part that we want to achieve is an escalation even to our current project.

We will not stop here. While we hope to have a smooth build process, by March 2023 we should include this second set and move on to our next big thing.

The beginning of 2024 should be the time for us to show off our inspiration deck, which will consist of metaverse bundles. It will be made available to NK NFT holders and new collection owners.

What NK NFT holders need to keep in mind is that we are trained to identify resources, and more importantly, we are here to achieve goals.

Chris: So what have your efforts been in marketing the Notorious Kings to make them popular?

Pablo: Being our first NFT project, the marketing business was difficult for us, especially in the early stages. Slowly but surely we achieved the goal of building a fan base through a community of close to 20k members on discord15k in Twitter and about 70k in instagram.

If we had to choose between spending $100 on marketing or finding a 3D artist with a specific talent, we would choose the latter. Why? Because we are fans of art and we want the results and creation to speak for us.

Many would say that our team is not doxed as we are not as active on social media and our collaborators are not looking for fame.

We would say that what we create is the ultimate test and our focus is primarily there.

Chris: At the end, please walk through the process of minting a Notorious Kings NFT in detailed steps.

Pablo: Ok, so the distribution of tokens is as follows:

● Total supply: 6006

● Private sale: 478

● White list (presale): 3028

● Public sale: 2500

The private sale will take place between June 17 and 20. 478 items will be minted, of which 200 will be redistributed to free NK NFT winners.

The whitelist mint (0.2 ETH+gas) will take place on June 23 at 9:00 p.m. Central European Time, Switzerland, and will be active for 48 hours.

All whitelisted wallets will be able to mint 1.2 or a maximum of 3 NK NFT

Emails will be sent in advance to minters asking them to confirm and specify intent to mint (1, 2 or 3 items)

All this for a smoother minting process.

If there are any unminted items left, they will be transferred to the mint for public sale.

On June 25, the Public Mint (0.6 ETH+gas) will take place.

We plan the reveal on Mike Tyson’s birthday on June 30.

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