Mark Bozon to lead Disney’s metaverse-focused Next Generation Storytelling

The metaverse is flooding the planet, pushing major brands and corporations towards web3 adoption. It’s no secret that Disney has long been experimenting with various web3 initiatives, including the recent Star Wars and NFT metaverse. Additionally, Disney’s metaverse-focused next-gen storytelling department is already up and running. But just a few days ago, the company announced the name of the person who would take over the newly formed division. And this isn’t just someone, but former Apple gaming division executive Mark Bozon.

Bozon is one of the most skilled web3 specialists in today’s job market. With just 12 years at Apple and plenty of experience as a game designer, Mark Bozon is about to join the Disney team.

The professor did not comment on his reasons for leaving the previous position, but his post on Twitter read: “I’m heading to an absolute dream job…” As for the work itself, Disney’s Next Generation Storytelling department is focused on transferring Disney’s existing multiverse into the metaverse, creating true magic for clients. According to current Disney executive Mike White, Mark Bozon will take on developing new metaverse strategies across video games, TV shows, movies, toys, merchandising, amusement parks, and a variety of other experiences.

Additionally, Disney is rumored to be bringing its iconic theme parks into the metaverse. Although the company had previously denied these plans, last year’s metaverse-related apps referred to a “virtual world simulator.” But according to Mike White, who currently leads the next-gen storytelling division, the company plans to use metaverse experiences in the new marketing strategy.

For now, there is a lot of unapproved information circulating in the realm of Disney, Bozon and web3. Time will tell what miraculous experiences the company is preparing for its

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