The Nightly Mint: NFT Daily Recap

We had a brief hiatus from our Nightly Mint NFT recaps, but don’t worry, we’re back on the bandwagon. While there’s been a lot of commotion over the last two weeks during our short break (yes, I’m looking at you Goblintown, and you, my lady’s), we’re sadly going to gloss over some of that and stick to the show: covering every last day in a report the size of a bite.

As we begin a week of closure in May, let’s take a look at NFT activity on Monday.

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Latest Mint: eBay NFT Development

We’ve heard some brief details about eBay’s interest in getting involved with NFT for quite some time, but little has come to life, so far. The company’s initial release, in association with OneOf, finally debuted, featuring “animated interpretations of Sports Illustrated iconic athlete covers,” beginning with hockey legend Wayne Gretzky.

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Ethereum NFTs continue to be the undisputed leader, despite continually emerging challengers. | Source: ETH-USD on

A look at GameStop’s Ethereum NFT wallet

Ethereum continues to be the gold standard of NFTs, despite emerging chains like Solana gaining traction (courtesy of Okay Bears and the like). Now we’re seeing competitors break out of left field, and GameStop arrives today with its first look at an Ethereum-based NFT wallet.

The beta version has been released and is available to the public, following a formal announcement of the firm

The take ‘Minty Fresh’

Can musical NFTs turn the corner? The lack of industry innovation around financial models would seem to suggest so…but consumer adoption and integration will undoubtedly take time.

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