The Sandbox to Reward Doggies NFT Holders with $1M in SAND

Snoop Dogg is expanding his already vast presence on the sandbox metaverse launching a four-week contest show for all Snoop Dogg Avatar (aka Doggies) NFT owners. depending on the event ada massive $1 million prize in $SAND will be offered throughout the month.

starting in the 3 of June, a new contest will be added to The Sandbox contest page each week, inviting Doggies NFT owners to spend time in a different experience each week and show off their avatar. The experiences will take place in the ‘Alpha Lobby’ in week one, the ‘Rooftop a la mode’ in week two, ‘Meet at the Agora’ in week three and ‘Club XYZ’ in week four.

Alternatively, for those who can’t remember the list, you’ll be able to identify each experience by looking for a special logo on the metaverse map, which will appear when the respective event begins. Here, $250,000 worth of $SAND will be distributed through each experience to its participants, with the contest page for each specific event providing information on how tokens will be earned/shared.

In order for Doggies owners to ensure they are eligible to receive their $SAND rewards, they must still maintain their Doggies NFT during the snapshot time of each event (i.e. the last day of each event).

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