The Story Behind Williamsburg’s NFT Graffiti Hype

As recent blockchain efforts from the likes of prada have shown, offering NFTs alongside their physical counterparts is becoming more common. Although many of these come with essential add-ons rather than being exact physical replicas, a New York-based artist has set out to manifest NFT artwork in one of the most appropriate and decentralized forms within the physical realm: graffiti art. .

The artist in question is called ‘Masna‘. He started his NFT graffiti trip after noticing the large number of graffiti based NFTs, but the lack of NFT based graffiti. To flip the switch, Masnah turned to the CryptoPunks Discord community, in which he pitched the idea of ​​collaborating with incumbents to paint their punk like graffiti art somewhere within the city’s suburbs.

The idea took off with relative success, seeing Masnah do multiple commissions, the first being with the owner of a Punk cowboy. The punk was painted on North 14th Street between Nassau and Wythe avenues, where, as with the premise of the top-tier PFP NFTs, the owner flexed the physical manifestation on Twitter, which essentially started the NFT graffiti demand in Williamsburg and its environs.

With an avalanche of commissions forming, Masna he was lucky enough to find a graffiti-friendly accessory that he could paint all of his clients’ NFTs on. The building in question is Roebling apartment block, which has now become notorious for sporting top notch NFT PFP art. The building’s owner even (ironically) got an anti-graffiti coating so the murals couldn’t be vandalized once they were finished. For many blue-chip owners, getting a place in Roebling’s apartment block became not just a flexibility, but an investment strategy.

The next stage of Masnah’s NFT graffiti journey saw him create his own NFT collection dubbed ‘Another flex on the wall,’ where to order a mural, token holders must purchase one from Masnah’s tokenized bricks for 1, 1.5 or 2.5 ETH depending on the size of the mural. Through this, holders will own both a digital and physical piece of graffiti art, and ownership of the physical piece will also be recognized on the blockchain by being embedded in an NFT.

With Roebling’s apartment block now covered in top-tier NFTs, and his NFT collection accounting for an impressive 70 ETH in trading volume so far, it’s safe to say that the concept of NFTs transcending the realm of Masnah is likely here for to stay. Another artist by the name of ‘Manny Links’ is said to be running a similar business in Los Angeles, a Web3 haven in the US.

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