Ukraine to transfer all its cultural legacy to blockchain

Russian heavy artillery continues to “denationalize” the Ukrainian land, laying waste to architectural wonders, historical sites and museums that house masterpieces of international value, not to mention schools, churches, hospitals and homes. According to the recent UNESCO June 13 report, from February 24 to today, Russia has damaged at least 143 religious sites, museums, historical buildings, libraries, cultural centers and monuments, while some international experts speak about the deliberate attack of Putin to Iconic Places in Ukraine.

Thus, amid the overwhelming devastation of the Russian plague, Ukraine aims to digitize “as much art or history” as it can in order to save priceless heritage from extinction. This was announced by Michael Chobanian, president of the Ukrainian Blockchain Association, on CoinDesk’s Consensus 2022 11th June.

Today we announce a new project [aimed at] how we can save the DNA of the Ukrainian people, the Ukrainian culture and the history of Ukraine,” Chobanian said, adding: “Right now, they are bombing museums, churches and cultural sites. So before they are destroyed… we are going to digitize every piece of art or history that we have in museums. We are going to NFT and put it on the blockchain.

NFT and web3 have had and continue to play a significant role in funding defensive and humanitarian initiatives in war-torn Ukraine, raising tens of millions in crypto and fiat money from international and local donors. Once it enters the blockchain, the tokenized artwork stays there forever. That is why the NFT dimensioning of Ukraine’s abundant cultural heritage is not a whim but a necessity.

The nationwide project on the preservation of Ukrainian artistic heritage in NFT format will come to life in partnership with a layer 1 blockchain platform NEAR Protocol.

It is extremely important to bring all the Ukrainian heritage to the chain and offer it to the world and preserve it forever.NEAR Protocol founder Illia Polosukhin, who was also among the speakers at the Consensus 2022 conference.

Ukraine’s creative community has already launched multiple NFT-focused initiatives aimed at spreading the truth about Russia’s criminal actions against humanity and raising funds to help civilians and the military defend peace, freedom and democracy for the entire world. world.

One of the largest is the NFT MetaHistory Museum, launched with the support of the Ukrainian government. The NFT images show all the days of war presented by the Russians in chronological order and celebrate the identity and freedom of Ukraine.

So the recent initiative aims to “provide a digital window into the cultural DNA of Ukraine,” according to CoinDesk and will be freely accessible from anywhere in the world.

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